Who We are

Welcome to ESTIA CAPITAL, a leading real estate investment and asset management company dedicated to delivering superior returns and exceptional value both for institutional investors and-high net worth individuals. Leveraging over 100 years of cumulative Senior Asset Management experience and with an extensive network of experts and resources, ESTIA CAPITAL offers a comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of commercial real estate. As the key management entity of the ESTIA Group, we bring fully integrated expertise to the table, overseeing over EUR 500 million of Assets Under Management.

At ESTIA CAPITAL, we understand the importance of diversification and seek opportunities that span across various sectors. Whether it is residential developments, commercial repositioning, hospitality projects, residential and commercial rentals, or commercial yacht services, our team is well-equipped to navigate these markets and generate superior risk-adjusted returns.

Our ambitions don’t stop there; We believe in horizontal expansions and are constantly exploring new ventures to further enhance our portfolio. With operations spanning from Greece to Lebanon to Portugal, our ESTIA Group of companies constitutes a diversified and robust real estate services platform, with over 200 employees working diligently across our offices in these countries.

Moreover, as we live and operate in a world that encompasses diverse communities, cultures and environments, ESTIA CAPITAL is committed to promoting sustainability and social responsibility as core principles that inform our actions and decision-making processes. We firmly believe that businesses bear a responsibility to consolidate their efforts in creating positive contributions to society and the environment, and we are wholly committed to exemplifying this philosophy.